Dr. I.J. Douglass’s Maple Walnut Bitters

Quebec, Canada: While surveying timber prospects in this Canadian province Dr. I.J. Douglass stumbled upon a hidden hovel of a few thousand liters of maple syrup. After tasting the rich marrow of Canada itself, I.J. found that this tree blood could be used in many tasty ways. After subsisting on walnuts and poutine for weeks in the forest I.J. was able to ‘liberate’ the cache, bringing the world the woodsy taste of the Canucks.

Use 3-4 dashes with your favorite spirit and a splash of soda or syrup. The flavors of the Canadian wilderness add a deep, noble splash to any concoction. This welcoming bitter evokes the spirit of exploration and smooths winter’s chill. Use it as a secret ingredient in pancakes, waffles or gravy. Let the power of nature’s natural curative ingredients elevate your constitution and relieve your stress!

Flavor Notes
  • Walnuts
  • Maple Syrup
  • Oak

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