Dr. I.J. Douglass Orange Bitters

Sierra Nevada Mountains: who can resist gold?! Renowned explorer Dr I.J.. Douglass heard of a second gold rush taking place in California. Unbeknownst to I.J., this gold rush was a bit further south. Oranges, brought west by the original prospectors, offered a business opportunity I.J. could not pass up. Beautiful nuggets of citrus treasure, he found a tasty treat worth its weight in gold.

Use 3-4 dashes with your favorite spirit and a splash of soda or syrup. There is hardly a cocktail in all the lands that can’t benefit from a generous splash of citrus. Add a hint of sunshine to glazes, frostings, and syrups for baked delicacies. Brighten brewed teas with a liquid twist. Let the power of nature’s natural curative ingredients elevate your constitution and relieve your stress!

Flavor Notes
  • Orange
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon

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